Diagnostic test for Ovine Brucella Ab

Ovine brucellosis is an infection of sheep caused by a bacterium, Brucella ovis (B. ovis). It is a disease primarily of rams, that is causing lesions in their reproductive organs. Ewes usually only carry the infection for one or two oestrus cycles. The brucella organism may be present in vaginal discharges and milk, after abortion or parturition. The disease is transmitted at joining when a clean ram serves an ewe that has recently been served by an infected ram in the same cycle. Affected rams develop hard, abscess-like swellings in the epididymis, which is closely attached to the testicles, particularly at the lower end. The epididymides may become completely blocked, causing sperm to build up. Obvious swelling, hardening or differences in size can often be seen and palpated through the scrotum. Rams may become permanently infertile.
Good management of the rams will keep the disease at a low level.

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