Diagnostic test for CDV-CAV-CIV Ag Combo Test for dogs

Distemper (CDV) is a very contagious viral disease affecting mainly small puppies (2-5 months of age). The first signs of canine distemper include sneezing, coughing and thick mucus coming from the eyes and nose. There is currently no available cure that can destroy the virus that causes canine distemper in young puppies. Fast detection of the virus enables fast supportive treatment.
Canine Adenovirus 2 (CAV2) causes a localized respiratory disease in dogs and is a potential cause of the kennel cough syndrome (canine infectious respiratory disease). Infectious kennel cough in dogs usually spreads by direct contact with another sick dog, by inhalation or by droplet route. Dogs that are close to other dogs, in places such as shelters, kennels, hotels for dogs, etc. are more vulnerable to infections. Every dog can get sick even during a walk, it is enough that it will come to contact with an infected dog. The disease develops very quickly, so it must not be underestimated.
Canine influenza (CIV) is caused by varieties of highly contagious influenzavirus A. Because of the lack of previous exposure to this virus, dogs have no natural immunity to it. Symptoms of CIV include: coughing, greenish nasal or ocular discharge, sneezing, high fever, lethargy and reduced appetite. Fatal cases of pneumonia resulting from infection with canine influenza virus have been reported in dogs, but the fatality rate is low (less than 10%). There is no cure for dog flu. Treatment largely consists of supportive care.

REDTEST test device
Assay solution in tube

Diagnostic test for CDV-CAV-CIV Ag Combo Test

Sample material:
Ocular discharge
Nasal discharge
Anus secretions
Diagnostic test contains the following components:
  • REDTEST test device
  • Disposable dropper
  • Cotton swab
  • Assay buffer
  • Instruction of use

How to perform the CDV-CAV-CIV Ag test?

Unpack the test

Remove the test device from the sealed pouch and place it on the flat surface

Prepare the solution

Collect the sample using a cotton swab, add it to the assay buffer and mix well.

Apply the solution

Add 3 drops of the solution into the sample well.


Interpret the test results after 5-10 minutes.
Results read earlier or later may be falsified

Interpretation of the results

Positive result: two colored lines will appear - in the test line zone and control line zone
Negative result: only one colored line will appear in the control line zone
Invalid result: the colored line does not appear in the control line zone

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