Diagnostic test for Babesia Canis BC Ab for dogs

Babesiosis is the diseased state caused by the protozoal parasites of the genus Babesia. Infection in a dog may occur by tick transmission, direct transmission via blood transfer from dog bites, blood transfusions, or transplacental transmission. Babesia invades mammalian red blood cells causing anemia. The symptoms of Babesiosis infection are lethargy, weakness, lack of appetite, fever, vomiting, pale mucous membranes, and dark discoloration of the urine. Other symptoms may present, including neurological and respiratory signs. The species of Babesia that infected pets should not pose any problems to people with normal immune systems.

Three of the Babesia species (Babesia gibsoni, Babesia vogeli, and Babesia canis) are detectable with REDTEST Rapid Diagnostic Babesia Test according to the clinical study.

REDTEST test device
Assay solution in tube

Diagnostic test for Canine Babesia BC Ab

Sample material:
Diagnostic test contains the following components:
  • REDTEST test device
  • Disposable dropper
  • Assay buffer
  • Instruction of use

How to perform the BC Ab test?

Unpack the test

Remove the test device from the sealed pouch and place it on the flat surface

Prepare the solution

Place 10μL of the specimen into the sample well (S).

Apply the solution

Then add 3 drops of the assay buffer into the sample well (S) immediately.


Interpret the test results after 5-10 minutes.
Results read earlier or later may be falsified

Interpretation of the results

Positive result: two colored lines will appear - in the test line zone and control line zone
Negative result: only one colored line will appear in the control line zone
Invalid result: the colored line does not appear in the control line zone

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