Diagnostic test for Bovine Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD NSP Ab)

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a severe, highly contagious viral disease. There are seven serotypes of the virus: A, O, C, SAT1, SAT2, SAT3 and Asia1. These are further subdivided into more than 60 strains. The importance of these serotypes is that protection against one serotype (e.g. through vaccination) will not protect against infection with another serotype. Different serotypes dominate in different parts of the world. Virus is excreted in breath, saliva, mucus, milk and faeces. FMD spreads rapidly from one animal to another. After an animal is infected with the virus, the first signs of illness usually appear within 2 to 14 days. Symptoms inculde: fever, blisters in the mouth and on the feet, weight loss, nasal discharge and drop in milk production. Pain and discomfort from the vesicles and erosions lead to other symptoms such as depression, anorexia, excessive salivation, lameness, and reluctance to move or stand.
Most affected animals will not die from FMD, but the disease leaves them weakened and unable to produce meat and milk the way they did before.

REDTEST test device
Assay solution in tube

Diagnostic test for Bovine Brucella Ab

Sample material:
Diagnostic test contains the following components:
  • REDTEST test device
  • Disposable dropper
  • Instruction of use

How to perform the B.Brucella Ab test?

Unpack the test

Remove the test device from the sealed pouch and place it on the flat surface

Prepare the solution

Using the disposable dropper, place 2-3 drops of the collected sample into the sample well.


Interpret the test results after 5-10 minutes.
Results read earlier or later may be falsified

Interpretation of the results

Positive result: two colored lines will appear - in the test line zone and control line zone
Negative result: only one colored line will appear in the control line zone
Invalid result: the colored line does not appear in the control line zone

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